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Reptile parties with wildlife for your next children's birthday or big party event.
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Reptile Party Melbourne

Fantastic fun with reptiles!

Whether it is summer or winter, we are the suppliers of reptile parties across Victoria. We have ben doing reptile party shows in Melbourne for decades and are the best at what we do.
We bring snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, crocodiles and large lizards to give you the only full service reptile show in Australia.
As seen on TV, our shows are interactive and hands on.
Completely safe and yet the kids and adults are allowed to handle animals and really get their hands scaly!
At schools, the teachers say our hands on wildlife education is the best their kids can get.
Mums and dads love our birthday parties as they know it is safe and the risk of kids getting injured is virtually zero!
The reptile party is definitely a far safer bet then acrive spots and the like, where all it takes for a mishap is one kid running into another.
We even do reptile party hire for major events, such as school fetes and festivals, church events, pet expos and even end of year celebrations.
After more than 35 years in the reptile party hire and education sector, we know what children and adults want.
Being Australia's best when it comes educational reptile displays, we even bring deadly snakes into your place as needed, which is something no one else can legally do.
Yes, we are alone in Australia withvet certified surgically devenomized snakes to protect you, your kids and their friends.
Anyone else is a risk.
It is that simple.
Better yet, our children's shows are affordable for most families and we make sure each and every child gets the best fun and education possible.Unlike others, we don't charge extra to bring giant snakes and real live Crocodiles and we do not impose any limit on how many kids you can invite.
When not doing kids reptile parties, we do reptile shows, corporate team building and a whole lot more with reptiles for adults.
In fact we even run face-your-fear sessions for those who have a snake phobia!
Then of course we also do wildlife displays at annual events and festivals across Melbourne.
Besides doing wildlife displays, we are active in the fields of wildlife conservation and scientific research.
Our business has donated millions of dollars in cash and in kind to major wildlife conservation initiatives, both within Australia and also elsewhere.
So when you next book your reptile party, you will not be just benefitting your family and friends, but you'll also be playing an important part in saving your planet's important biodiversity.

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