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Baby Shower Game Kit 5 Games

Out of stock

The Baby Shower Game Kit features a stack of pastel-colored game cards filled with fun games that can be played by any number of guests.Baby Shower Game Kit includes game instructions for each game, with 1 pack of 40 cards total.MORE INFORMATION BELOW

Baby Shower Games include:

  • Sketchy Situation
  • Telephone
  • Think-A-Like
  • Three Strike Survey
  • Guess Who

$12.50 tax incl.

Availability: This product is no longer in stock with these options but is available with others

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Below is a summery of what is included in the game kit
Guess Who

Guests will have fun using the clues to guess famous people.

Sketchy Situation
Guests have to draw what is written on the card.
Play in partners, teams or individual.

Just like 'Chinese Whispers', guests whisper the sentence to each other and the last guest writes it down.

Three Strike Survey
Your guests are split in to two teams with a separate person as 'moderator'.
Guests accumulate points by guessing the top three answers to baby survey questions

Guests pair up to write answers to questions individually then see if their answers match.